Join Castro Realty Group Today!

Castro Realty Group is a locally based real estate company long established and recognized in Central Florida--we combine the resources, experience and state-of-the-art technologies of a large "chain" office with the highly personalized and efficient service which only a small agency can provide.

At Castro Realty Group we are committed to the highest level of professionalism and dedication. To achieve this, we offer you the opportunity to work hand in hand with your broker, provide you constant support, make training available to you based on what area you're interested in specializing in (short sales, down payment assistance, international sales, foreclosures, commercial sales, etc).

We would like for you to be part of our team, and have prepared this page with you and our potential questions and concerns in mind....

We invite you to look through this information and then join us in meeting to see if we can create a great working relationship!

Leads available to you

Working with Castro Realty Group, you can feel confident that you will receive leads--qualified leads--on a regular basis. How can we offer this to you?

Briefly, these leads come through our website, our blog, our speaking engagements at both City of Orlando and Orange County down payment assistance classes, our regular mail outs, open houses, our strong word of mouth referrals, signage, and through our reo/foreclosure listings.

Grow with us

At Castro Realty Group we believe that a company can only truly grow if we all have the opportunity to grow and benefit. If we all have a vested interest in success, then together we can achieve it. With this end in mind we provide our associates the opportunity to make money from new salespeople they recruit to the company. If you recruit a new salesperson into the company, you will receive 10% of their gross commissions--this 10% comes right off the top, so every time they have a closing, you get paid too!


Don't pay ridiculous fees

  • No Desk Fees
  • No Sign Fees
  • No Transaction Fees for you or your clients
  • No mandatory Floor Time

You do get....

  • Promotional Materials tailored to you
  • Direct mail outs
  • Business Cards
  • Presence on our web site
  • Personalized email
  • A desk and computer for your use at our office with internet, phone, and fax availability to you
  • Conference room available when you need it (snacks and promo gifts happily provided at closings!)

Bigger goals?

So, your goals are bigger than being a Realtor in an office?

Are you interested in opening your own office in the future while not losing the company and personal image you’ve worked hard to establish?

We will work with you to help you open your own Castro Realty Group franchise if that’s what you’d like for your future….let’s talk about it.

We’re here for you and we can personalize our goals together.

Call Marcia today at 321-228-9967 to discuss these opportunities, or email me at

For your real estate licensing needs, we recommend IFREC Real Estate Schools. You can reach their website by clicking on their logo below: